Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A short break from reporting about the Rams

Hey guys I have been trying my best to keep the site up to date to the best of my abilities, but with all the college apps and school work for the next couple of weeks(Up to December 19th) I am going to have to take a break from reporting/analyzing the rams. When I do come back, I will give an overview of the games that I missed. I hope everyone understands and that I hate having to do this.

Go Rams

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Game Preview: VCU vs Northeastern



At The Siegel Center:

Head Coach: Bill Coen

Projected Starters for Northeastern:

SG- Demetrius Pollard #2
Junior- 6'2

PG- T.J. Williams #10
Freshman- 6'3

C-Scott Eatherton #43
Junior- 6'8

SF- Quincy Ford #12
Junior- 6’8
If healthy will start
PF- Reggie Spencer #44
Junior- 6'7

Key Reserves

G/SF-David Walker #4
Sophmore- 6'6

G/SF- Zach Stahl #33

 PG- Marco Banegas-Flores #11
Junior- 6’1 
SF- Derrico Peck #24
Sophmore- 6'5

Characteristics of Northeastern:
  • Northeastern is a very disciplined in half court sets on defense, where they try to hold you to taking a forced shot at the end of the shot clock. They will not take many risks, if it costs them to lose their defensive position.
  • They are not a deep team, but they try to wear you down by feeding it down low to their quality big men and long offensive possessions.
  • They have capable outside shooters with Quincy Ford and Demetrius Pollard.

Advantages/Disadvantages for the Rams:

  • VCU should tear up the young guards of Northeastern’s in the full court press
  • VCU has much more depth than Northeastern. The lack of quality subs should cause the huskies to make mental mistakes from being exhausted.
  • VCU cannot let the slow pace offensive possessions on offense for NU make the rams forget what they do best which is get up and down the court for easy transition points.
  • VCU cannot bail out NU by fouling late in the shot clock. In the loss versus Georgetown (Northeastern beat Georgetown last week), VCU fouled the Hoyas 29 times that game.

Key Player for the Rams and Huskies:

Rob Brandenberg

So far this season, Rob Brandenberg has been carrying the rams offensively early this season. Brandenberg has shot the ball well from outside and attacking the rim with authority. The only thing he must do now that the rams have faced adversity this year with two early season losses is become the emotional leader for VCU. With him and Juvonte being around the longest one of them most take the leadership role over. Juvonte is having his own individual struggles right now so Brandenberg must step up in that category. Brandenberg must come out with a lot of energy so the younger guys follow suit and VCU’s havoc defenses is at full strength.

Demetrius Pollard
The 757 native, Demetrius Pollard, returns back to his home state of Virginia and he and his teammates will try to pull off the upset playing at the Siegal Center this Friday. In order for the NU to get the win they will need Pollard to shoot the ball extremely well from behind the arc and handle the pressure of the rams in the press. With star small forward, Quincy Ford, being questionable for this game, Pollard will be the go to guy for the perimeter players for NU. Pollard can get hot from deep which then allows him to shot-fake and go to the rim and finish. Pollard will also be relied on by NU in taking the ball up the court because of NU’s inexperience at the guard position. Pollard does not have the best handle so he will have to be smart in breaking the press by making good passes to break it.

Predicted Score:
NU: 68

Monday, November 18, 2013

Game Preview: VCU vs Florida State in the Puerto Rico Tip Off


At the Coliseo Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico:

Head Coach: Leonard Hamilton

Projected Starters for FSU:
PG- Devin Bookert #1
Sophomore- 6'3
SG- Montay Brandon #32
Sophomore- 6'7 
F- Robert Gilchrist #14
Senior- 6'9
PF- Okaro White #10
Senior- 6'9
C-  Boris Bojanovsky #15
Sophomore- 7'3

Key Reserves

SG- Ian Miller #30
Senior- 6'3
SG- Aaron Thomas  #25
Sophomore- 6'5
PF- Jarquez Smith #5
Freshman- 6'9
C- Michael Ojo #50
Sophomore- 7'1

Characteristics of FSU:

  • Florida State plays a tough nosed style defense that will try to out physical you down low on the block to get offensive and defensive rebounds.
  • FSU is a very athletic big team that likes to get out on transition with their bigs trailing behind to get an easy dunk or layup.
  • FSU won't beat you by making multiple shots behind the arc.
  • FSU likes to get to lane and bully their way through the paint and by also feeding their big men in the post.

Advantages/Disadvantages for the Rams:


  • The VCU guards should capitalize on the chances they get to press the ball handlers of FSU. The bigger guards of FSU will have a tough time keeping a handle of the ball from guys like Briante Weber and Rob Brandenberg.
  • VCU shoots the ball much better than FSU does. So if VCU pulls ahead early than FSU could have a tough time in trying to comeback and win the game.

  • FSU has some much height and brute strength down low that the VCU bigs could get overwhelmed on the boards.
  • The length of FSU will disrupt many of VCU's drives to the basket, so the FSU players could have a field day blocking the shots that the rams put up.

Key Player for the Rams and Seminoles:

Terrance Shannon

Terrance Shannon has a chance to get some revenge against his former team that he just left last year. Shannon left FSU to get a fresh start and have a chance to not only win a A10 Championship, but even a chance to win chance to win a NCAA Title. Shannon will have to come up big for the Rams in this game versus his former teammates by playing more physical and aggressive under the boards than the FSU bigs. Shannon must play within himself though and not get out of control and take ill-advised shots. Shannon has been in a little bit of a slump the past two games offensively because he is still learning and adjusting to the Ram's style of play Shannon. Shannon will have a tall task in stopping, NBA prospect, Okaro White.

Ian Miller

For FSU to be successful this game, Ian Miller must be aggressive on the offensive side of the ball. The senior is the most experienced guard on the team and fills the role as the teams 6th man to provide a spark off the bench for FSU. Miller has proven over the past four years at FSU to be able to put up points in bunches by hitting shots from behind the arc and by penetrating to the basket. Miller is relied on by FSU to make outside shots for the team since they are a very sub-par three point shooting team. If Miller gets hot from outside then he will be able to penetrate to the rim and either take it himself or drop it down to the FSU big men. The veteran guard will be tough for VCU to handle, but if VCU can contain Miller then VCU should be able to beat this tough, defensively oriented FSU team.

Predicted Score:
VCU: 72
FSU: 59

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Siegel Center was loaded Tonight with Future Rams

VCU faced the Winthrop Eagles tonight and won 92-71. The Rams pulled away at the end and held off the hot shooting Winthrop guards. Last week's game versus UVA had a lot on the line between the two in state schools. It was not only to show who was the better team in the country, but the game proved to   the media and others watching that VCU has become more than just a mid major Cinderella team. The win was also big for the recruiting aspect for VCU because now they have a case for saying that they are the top team in the state of Virginia to top in state prospects and out of state prospects that the Rams are trying to land. Here are all the recruits that were in the Siegel Center.


Dennis Smith Jr.  2016
Kenny Williams 2015
Matt Coleman 2017

Mike'l Simms 2015
Curt Jones 2016
Dondre Griffin 2016      

Justice Kitcart 2016
Nick Sherod 2016
Lonzia Tyson 2016

Avery Metcalf 2016
Sacha Killeya Jones 2016

    Tweets from tonight's game about the recruits:

  1. 2016s Justice Kithcart (), Dondre Griffin (), Lonzia Tyson & 2017 Matt Coleman () all also at the VCU game

  2. 2016's Curt Jones, Sacha Killeya-Jones (), Nick Sherod (), and Dennis Smith () all at VCU game tonight

  3. 2015 Kenny Williams () another one of the many prospects in attendance for the VCU game tonight. Talented haul!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Game Preview: VCU vs Winthrop




At The Siegel Center:

Head Coach: Pat Kelsey

Projected Starters for Winthrop:

PG- Keon Johnson #5
Freshman- 5'7
SG- Andre Smith #11
Junior- 5'10

C- James Bourne #14
Junior- 6'8

PF- Larry Brown #23
Senior- 6'6 
SF- Joab Jerome #4
Senior- 6'5

Key Reserves:

SG- Christian Farmer
Senior- 6'5
F- Josh Davenport
Freshman- 6'5
SF- Tevin Prescott
Sophomore- 6'5

Characteristics of Winthrop:
  • Winthrop is a guard oriented team that likes to get up and down the court in transition.
  • They like to shoot the three ball in transition.
  • Their guards have shown the ability to get baskets in the lane and kick it out to open shooters when they cannot get a shot over the defense.
  • They have a rather small frontcourt with the biggest guy being 6'8 on the team. The big men have not proven much ability to take over and get baskets in the post.

Advantages/Disadvantages for the Rams:

  • VCU bigs, like Juvonte Reddic, Terrance Shannon, and Jared Guest, should be able to dominate the glass and score on the smaller Winthrop players.
  • VCU's length and height should cause fits for an undersized Winthrop team in both the offensive and defensive side.
  • VCU cannot let Keon Johnson and Joab Jerome takeover for Winthrop. Even though Keon Johnson is only 5'7, he can really score in bunches and get hot quick.
  • VCU cannot get into deep foul trouble and let Winthrop get to the line and get easy points at the line.

Key Player for the Rams and Winthrop:

Juvonte Reddic

Juvonte Reddic has shown flashes over complete dominance early in the season. He has clearly developed a consistent mid range shot that has now even extended out a little to the three point line where he made one versus UVA. His overall movement around the basket has improved too and he does not just wait for the ball to be fed to him, but he actually is moving off the ball into open spots on the court to receive it. Reddic should dominate the Winthrop bigs and VCU should capitalize in that area of strength by feeding Reddic the ball early and often. If VCU does this early and get Reddic going then the game will be out of reach for the Winthrop to try and come back.

Keon Johnson

Keon Johnson, freshman guard out of Mansfield, Ohio, has the ability to score quickly and often all over the court. 5'7 Johnson maybe undersized for a guard, but what he lacks in height he makes up for in speed, shooting, and overall relentlessness to get points for his team. If Johnson, Smith, and Jerome get going and start hitting shots and penetrate to the basket and get the VCU bigs in foul trouble then VCU could have some trouble putting Winthrop away in this game. Johnson is going to be asked to do a lot for just a freshman. It will be interesting if the talented freshman can hold his own versus a top 25 team in the nation.

Predicted Score:
VCU: 86
Winthrop: 63