Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Uniforms for the Rams 2013-2014 Season

Home & Away Uniforms
The VCU basketball team will be getting new uniforms this up and coming season. The team had a photo shoot today with the home(white) uniforms on. The away uniform is black and gold and others have said there is a gold alternate uniform that has not been seen. At first there was a lot of negativity coming from the fans about the uniforms because of a picture with just the uniforms by themselves was released first. Then fans started to like the uniform after they saw the players in the uniforms. My take on the uniforms is that they are sweet. The colors really pop on the white uniform and the text is very bold and crisp which I like. The stripes down the sides also give it a sweet touch. They will look great on TV when the rams are getting up and down the court. Mat Shelton, author, said that the rams will only have these uniforms for one season because VCU will be getting a new logo in the fall. Here is the tweet:

Also, fwiw, they'll have new ones next year when the new logo and word marks roll out, so a one year kit.

Here are the pictures from todays photo shoot:
The Team Photo 
Melvin Johnson(Left) & JeQuan Lewis(Right)
Rob Brandenberg
Doug Brooks
JeQuan Lewis

Mo Allie-Cox & Treveon Graham
Antravious Simmons

Briante Weber
Juvonte Reddic & Rob Brandenberg
Briante Weber & Jared Guest
Antravious Simmons and Torey Burston

Jordan Burgess, Mo-Allie Cox, & Melvin Johnson
Jairus Lyles and Melvin Johnson

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