Saturday, June 22, 2013

VCU vs UVA Preview

I dont know if you guys know but this UVA game could be ( I think) the hardest game that will be on our schedule. Here is the roster

Advantages UVA has over us:

  1. Playing at UVA will be diffucult. That place gets loud for big games
  2. This team is Tony Bennett's most talented team top to bottom. Returning key starters Joe HarrisAkil MitchelEvan Nolte, Justin Anderson(A physical freak), Mike Tobey ( Just made the U19 USA roster!!),Malcom Brogdon( SG who got hurt last year who was very promising his freshman year), and new addition from last year Anthony Gill(We were going after this guy also. He is from USC gamecocks and he is a beast everyone says!!
Reasons/Advantages we have over UVA:

  1. Havoc- Uva even though returning a lot of talent and players they dont return much experiance at the guard position. They bring in freshmen London Perrantes and Devon Hall. They are highly touted freshmen but they are freshmen and freshmen versus HAVOC usely favors Havoc. They return Taylor Barnette(Lefty shooter) and Teven Jones(aka a wanna be Briante Weber). Both are very inexperiance. Taylor is the better ball handler than Teven. Barnette is also more of a slow the pace down type of guard. We should expose UVA's main weakness next year.
  2. Our Size/Physicality- With the addition of Terrance it allows Tre to move to his normal position which is the SF spot. Terrance and Ju will both be able to bang with there bigs whoever they have out ( 7 footer Tobey/The beast Anthony Gill/ or the lengthy Akil Mitchel). Our bench is also much better and tougher with guys like Mo(The Manimal) and Jordan Burgess(The toughest player on the team according to Shaka. Guest will also provide good minutes next year as his progression is still happening( Shaka said he was the best rebounder and one of the best players always in practice).
  3. Guards- Like I was saying before UVA's main concern is lack of leadership/experiance/depth at the guard position. Our strength is our guard depth and guard talent. Next year we will probably have(guessing) two four star guards to start on the bench(Melvin and Jequan) which is damn good. Bri and Rob will probably start and those two will create just as much or even more havoc than last years starting backcourt did. The late addition of Brooks is also very key for next years squad. From what I hear he is a HAVOC and 3 point specialist. Jarius is probably the most questionable guard on the team(I don't know what to expect out of him). He will probably need a year under the system before making a big impact.
I am so amped for this season guys and this game!!!! I will defiantly be up at UVA cheering on the guys this season. This is(In my eyes) the most talented team that VCU has ever had, but this team has to want it just as much as that 2011 Final Four team if they want to reach their goals. Go Rams!!!


  1. Good idea of implementing previews of matchups between VCU and other teams. It will be hard to do that with all the teams in my blog that I cover becuase I am covering all of the Atlantic 10, but you are blogging in an interesting way and gave me some good ideas. Keep it up and good luck!

    1. Thanks man! Ya I probably will do game previews of the Big Games for this season. I see your a Bonaventure fan nice. I liked reading your blog keep it up man.